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Bill Platt and Di Heuser here…


We spent some time studying the top selling books in the coloring book genre. We were looking to try to determine what makes some books really successful, and what makes other books fail miserably.

Our studies were very enlightening.

We took what we learned, and we began creating PLR Images that our customers could use to create the kinds of coloring books that coloring book customers love to buy.

The Offers

There are seven (7) offers available…

  1. PLR Package 01 ($19.95) – 50 Assorted PLR Images
  2. PLR Package 02 ($19.95) – 50 Assorted PLR Images
  3. PLR Package 03 ($19.95) – 50 Assorted PLR Images
  4. PLR Package, Buy ‘Em All ($49.00) – ALL 3 Packages of 50 Assorted PLR Images
  5. Video Training for New Coloring Book Authors ($17.00) – 10 videos, with a running time of 71 minutes.
  6. PLR Image Subscription, Monthly Plan ($19.95 per month) – One New Package of 50 Assorted PLR Images each month. Billed Monthly.
  7. PLR Image Subscription, Annual Plan ($197.00 per year) – One New Package of 50 Assorted PLR Images each month. Billed Once a Year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLR Packages 01, 02 and 03 are NOT INCLUDED inside the Subscription Membership.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Video Training covers the basics of working with images, assembling a book manuscript, and publishing to Createspace. There is nothing special or new here. It is simply provided for those people who have never published a coloring book previously.

ONE MORE NOTE: The Video Training is a paid upgrade for people who do not join the Subscription Membership Program. Anyone who does join the Subscription Program will get access to the Video Training for no extra cost.

Sales Page

There is only one sales page, which offers choices to our customers.

HERE is the sales page.


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There are seven (7) offers available… Click the product name to sign up as an affiliate…

  1. PLR Package 01 ($19.95)
  2. PLR Package 02 ($19.95)
  3. PLR Package 03 ($19.95)
  4. PLR Package, Buy ‘Em All ($49.00)
  5. Video Training for New Coloring Book Authors ($17.00)
  6. PLR Image Subscription, Monthly Plan ($19.95 per month) Billed Monthly.
  7. PLR Image Subscription, Annual Plan ($197.00 per year) Billed Once a Year.
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Possible Titles:

What Do the Best Selling Coloring Books Have In Common?
Outstanding PLR Images for Coloring Books
Give Coloring Book Consumers the Kind of Coloring Designs They Really Want
Give Coloring Book Consumers What They Really Want
Mimic What Best Selling Coloring Book Authors Do
Several PLR Image Packages for Coloring Book Authors
Make Your Coloring Books Stand Out From Your Competition
Take Your Coloring Books to New Heights

Email #1:

If you have been looking for the kind of illustrations that coloring book customers love, then you will want to check out the latest offer for coloring book authors from Bill Platt and Di Heuser…

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Email #2:

If you want to sell a lot more coloring books, you should pay close attention to the kinds of images that the most successful coloring book authors produce inside their books…

Bill Platt and Di Heuser paid attention…

And now, they are making some new PLR Images available to you, so that you can give your coloring book customers the exact kind of artwork they want in the books they buy…

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Email #3:

There are certain types of illustrations that coloring book consumers prefer to color…

Once you understand what coloring book customers want, you can give them exactly what they want from you…

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Email #4:


Just when I thought I had seen some of the best PLR Coloring Book Designs money could buy, here comes Bill Platt and Di Heuser to raise the bar on what is possible…

They spent a great deal of time studying many of the best selling coloring books available, then they figured out what it was about those designs that people really loved…

Once they had determined the kind of coloring images people really want to buy, they sat down to build several packages of PLR Coloring Book Images that they are now making available to us.

Each package they are offering has a Preview Video, and you are going to be really happy with what you see there.

Click Here to See the Details…

Email #5:

There are a couple dozen coloring books that have been in the Top 100 Books in this genre for many years… Since about 2015…

The top selling coloring book for grown-ups right now is selling approximately 738 copies per day…

You might be wondering, why?

What makes those particular coloring books so popular?

How have those particular titles stood the test of time, and how do they continue to sell like hot cakes?

There Are Actually Many Key Reasons:

* Quality of Production
* Beautiful Design
* Intriguing Images with Loads of Detail
* Clear Lines
* Very Little Gray-Scale
* Realistic Items in Illustrations — flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, insects, animals, people, buildings, homes, vehicles, boats, destinations…
* Illustrations that Allow Consumers to Deeply Explore Their Personal Creativity
* Outstanding Designs that Once They Have Been Colored are Worthy of Framing and Hanging on the Wall
* Strong Images that Result in the Colorist Being Praised for their Creativity and Good Taste
* Books that Focus on the Desires of Consumers to Demonstrate Their Artistic Talents
* Images That Are FUN to Color

If you give consumers the kinds of books they want to buy, they will gratefully pay you money to get their hands on your books.

Di Heuser and Bill Platt joined forces to develop an entire line of new PLR Artwork that you can use to design awesome coloring books that consumers will absolutely love.


They have three (3) individual PLR Packages (video previews shown on the sales page). You can purchase one or all of them. If you choose to purchase all three sets, you can purchase them as an entire set and get a 18% discount when you do so.

They have 70 minutes of video training, in case you have never before published a coloring book, and you need the extra guidance necessary to get you to published more quickly.

They also have an optional Subscription Membership Program that will allow you to get access to our new PLR Image Packages every month, each with 50 new designs that will help your coloring books really stand apart from the crowd.

Video Previews are available for all of their available PLR Packages.